How to be a Wise Wedding Spender

Wise Wedding Spender in DenverBorrowing money for a wedding isn't new. Yet there's one thing that remains interesting to talk about it. That is spending it wisely.

Martha Stewart herself is an advocate of dream-come-true weddings but at a price within the couple's budget. If you visit her website, there she and her staff show you tons of ways to be a wise wedding spender and that often involves creativity.

Spend on what you want to highlight

One piece of advice you can use for your wedding is to spend on wedding aspects you want to highlight and skip the rest. Not every aspect of the event has to be grand or expensive. Nor should you spend on things your wedding can go on without.

That is why Stewart is an advocate of customized weddings. Denver experts explain that in this approach, couples can practically have any wedding they want as they look at every aspect of the event, drop what's unnecessary, and keep what they believe will make them and their guests happy.

On spending for wedding rings

The same way works for grooms-to-be that are planning to buy precious wedding rings. Men can be practical on this matter without giving up the ring that their bride-to-be desires. And they don't have to be in debt to have one, either.

There is an added value with buying rings with previous gems as it can be an investment. While it may not sound ideal to have this pawned in the future, the fact remains that it has a value compared to other wedding expenses that immediately lost it as they get consumed, or as they wither, or when service has been rendered. 

It can even be listed as an inheritance during estate planning. Go ask your mother if she was left with one or your friends in Denver whose lucky parents get to inherit a precious wedding ring. Considering it as made of precious gems, the more original and customized it's style is the higher value it could hold.

So when you envision something like your wedding, make it practically awesome. Because there's nothing cool about having the grandest wedding only to have you in serious debt after.