How to Help a Patient Recover Well After a Hospital Discharge

Doctor performing checkup on patientBeing admitted to a family medical center in Putnam is usually necessary for a quick recovery and to address underlying health problems adequately. This is true especially after an accident or a bout with a viral illness. The battle, however, doesn’t end once the patient is discharged.

Creating a proper recovery plan at home, especially if the hospital stay lasted for more than a week, is important. It helps address the concerns of the patient and determine what’s needed to prevent further complications.

If you’re a caregiver or a family member taking care of a loved one who was recently sent home from the hospital, keep these in mind for a successful patient recovery:

Thorough cleaning of the recovery area

Before the patient heads home, make sure to do a thorough cleaning of the house especially the room of the patient. Disinfect and sanitize the area, sterilize utensils, change the sheets, wipe the windows, wash the curtains and keep the place well ventilated.

Remove spoiled food from the refrigerator to avoid contaminants. Don’t forget to polish and clean even small items that the patient might use, like the TV remote control or the tablet.

Complete personal care and home supplies

The condition of a recently discharged patient is still critical, so make sure that everything the patient needs while recovering at home is available and accessible. A home oxygen tank, as well as a blood pressure monitoring device, must be on hand. Make sure that all appliances and home devices like the heater or the fire alarms are also working for the patient’s comfort and convenience.

A patient shouldn’t be left alone after being discharged. But if you can’t hire a caregiver, arrange your schedule with your loved ones to at least have someone to prepare healthy meals and give bathing assistance to the patient as necessary.

Having someone present can also keep the patient from feeling anxious or alone.