I Want to Quit Smoking Yet I Don’t Want To

Quit Smoking NowDoing the right thing can be difficult, especially when you do not want to.

In terms of smoking, it’s not that easy to quit. When your family and friends urge you to stop, you find yourself “torn between two lovers”. You value these relationships but you can’t imagine life without a drag. Their continuous urging for you to quit might get you to consider, but if you really want a fresh start, you have to desire it yourself.

Find the Motivation First

Perhaps the people around you keep lecturing you about the dangers of smoking. Seeing it from their point-of-view helps, but sometimes, it can be discouraging. Rather than feed on what people say, you should learn about smoking yourself.

The Internet offers all the information you need: disadvantages, support programs, and benefits of quitting. Immersing yourself through learning may help you develop the will to stop.

Also, consider how quitting will benefit the people around you. When you smoke, you’re not only damaging your health but also your family’s and friends’ health due to secondhand smoke. Your hobby puts them at risk of developing illnesses.

Support Systems are a Must

Quitting becomes easier when you seek others for help. You can always lean on a close family or friend for support. If they are the people who convinced you to quit, that is better. Tell them everything: your struggles, the desire to quit, and how you plan on doing it. Opening up yourself to another person holds you accountable and also offers endless encouragements to quit smoking.

Local support groups and organizations are also here to help. Apart from recommending medications and tablets to help you stop smoking, they offer programs that address your struggles and success.

It’s All in Your Head

Quitting when you don’t want to quit is a daily struggle. You know you want to smoke, but you think about your family and the consequences. If the latter matters more, all you have to do is train your mind to just say no.

Stopping your smoking habits is for your betterment. It doesn’t look like it now, but with the right kind of guidance, you can quit even if you don’t want to.