Industry Applications: Are You Tough like Silicone?

taking notesSilicone is the baking soda of the industrial world. Sometimes rubbery, the substance has over a dozen uses in various fields, which include lubrication, automotive, and protective coating — the list continues to grow. Inventors and industries turn to a silicone rubber supplier to create solutions for the modern world’s vast array of activities.

Here are some of its popular applications:

Silicone Adhesives

An adhesive needs to have a sturdy grip on nearly any type of surface and a durable base, so strong physical force can’t simply rip the adhesive apart. Silicone rubber happens to bear the aforementioned qualities, which is why many industrial adhesives have it as a main ingredient. A silicone rubber adhesive grows in viscosity until it dries up to form a substance with an iron-like grip on numerous surfaces, including slippery ones.


When liquefied, silicone comes as a heat-, oxygen-resistant substance that repels water. Some use it as material for grease and lubricants, much like PTFE coatings. It can loosen valves and other jammed mechanisms without yielding to dampness and heat.

Protective Coating

Some industries use silicone as encasement for electronic components, as it can withstand heat, radiation, and strong electric currents. This allows sensitive gadget components to function optimally even in harsh environments, without receiving strain or damage from external forces.


With its non-toxic, heat-resistant base, silicone is an ideal material for producing pans, cooking surfaces and utensils. Many of the baking moulds, baking sheets, and potholders have silicone in them.


Remarkably, silicone is a common component of medical solutions, such as bio-gaskets, seals, dressings, bandages, and implants. Its durability and non-toxic qualities make the solutions safe and reliable, alleviating a long list of biological problems. The material also figures much in ophthalmology, as doctors use it for synthetic lenses, stents, and plugs.

Not a lot of substances carry the sheer functionality and usefulness of silicone. The versatility of the material is one thing you should not underestimate.