“It burns! It burns!” – The Cry of Your Anguished Mouth

Oral Health Does your mouth feel like you rinsed it with boiling water? You might be suffering from Burning Mouth Syndrome (BMS).

When you have BMS, the sensation is similar to that of eating an extremely hot chili pepper. Remember that time you thought your tongue burst into flames and nothing could quench it? Imagine experiencing that sensation over and over again for months or years.

People with this condition often experience a scalding feeling on their tongue, gums, the roof of their mouth, lips, cheeks and at the back of their throat. Sometimes, they also suffer from dry mouth and numbing of the lips.

The Culprits behind the Sting

Smilemakers.co.uk, a team of dentists in Southampton, believes that no single disorder causes this condition. Often, the culprits range from migraines to nutritional issues, which include the following:

  • Oral fungal infection – BMS symptoms may occur after consuming foods and drinks high in acid. Doing so may result in white spots inside the mouth.
  • Menopause – the hormonal changes trigger the burning sensation you experience on your tongue
  • Nutrition deficiencies – when your body lacks Vitamin B, Zinc and Iron
  • Diabetes – vascular changes and oral infections due to diabetes can also trigger BMS
Subduing the Burning Sensation

Do not endure the fiery feeling in your mouth. It is best to discuss BMS with the nearest dentist who can refer you to another healthcare professional. Never attempt to treat the condition on your own. Doing so might lead to costly consequences you will eventually regret in the future.

Your dentist will run tests to check for nutritional issues, medical conditions and infections. He will also recommend treatments, which often include medication for allergies, topical application of capsaicin and other oral care products.

You can also do your part. To reduce the pain, avoid alcoholic and highly acidic beverages. Stop smoking and refrain from chewing ice as well.