Keeping Your Pets Mentally Stimulated Is Key to a Long Life

PetHumans are not the only ones who need to have their brains stimulated — animals do, too. Without activities that stimulate their mental capacities, you can expect your pets, whether canines or felines, to suffer from boredom. This can then lead to even more problems, including those that affect their behaviour, overall health, and lifespan.

Different pets display different symptoms of boredom

Symptoms of boredom depend on what species your pet is. Bored dogs typically space out and are lazy. For cats, clawing at everything they can get their paws on is a sign. Birds, on the other hand, pace around their cages when they lack entertainment.

Know that these are just initial signs. The longer your pets have nothing to do, the more serious their behavioural issues get. In time, this can turn to full-on aggressive and destructive behaviours. It will affect their health dramatically, and this added stress can take a toll on their life as well.

There is a variety of ways to mentally stimulate your pets

There are plenty of mentally stimulating activities you can do with your pet. One is exercise. Aside from the health benefits exercise delivers, it also keeps their brains functioning. This works pretty much like how it does for humans: it produces happy hormones, thus minimising the risks of destructiveness and even depression.

Toys are perfect for pets, too. They need to use their brain cells to play with a toy, so they put their focus and energy on trying to solve them rather than destroying things., an online pet store, suggests that you offer praises and treats after the activity.

With regular mental stimulation, your pets can enjoy a healthier, longer life.

Making mental stimulation a part of your pet’s day-to-day life will provide them with good health and a longer life. So start shopping around for these tools and supplies now. Don’t worry, there are many online pet stores that provide mentally stimulating toys for your pets.

When it comes to giving your pet everything, food, water, and shelter are things you probably never miss. Make toys and entertainment part of that list, too.