Kids Zone: Imposing a Break from Technology

Kid Playing in Indoor TrampolineRemember the good ‘ole days when six-year-olds didn’t know how to use mobile phones yet? When you saw kids playing a game of tag on your front lawn? When you spent sleepovers braiding each other’s hair.

Take your kids on a digital break. So they’ll fully appreciate life, teach them how to live without gadgets.

Exciting School Activities

Reinforce the idea that school can provide a fun learning experience. Introduce activities, especially on school holidays in Melbourne. Allow them to join adventure challenge courses from BOUNCE and other indoor parks that will not only strengthen them physically but also mentally.

Educational programmes don’t need a typical classroom setting. Let your children explore several ways of learning to avoid that ‘school sucks’ feeling.

Thrilling Outdoor Activities

You still remember that favourite game you used to play with your best friends when you were young, right? Retrieve that jump rope in your closet. Grab a chalk for a game of hopscotch. Play a fun game of hide and seek. You can even invite all of your kids’ friends for a digital-free party.

Make them realise that your backyard is not just a place where dogs can play. It is where children can have fun, too. They’ve been so stuck in front of the digital screen that they forgot to appreciate the beauty of nature.

Engaging Indoor Activities

Your kids have been so cooped up inside your technology-filled home that they can only associate it with video games and TV. Turn your home into something livelier. Take out your old board games and begin a Friday night family routine. Start a treasure hunt where they get to solve riddles. Take the fun to your kitchen and teach children how to bake cakes.

The Digital Age isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It has brought people an array of technological advancements. It has also brought them apart. Show your kids a life of simplicity before you lose them in the algorithms of the digital world.