Kybella: The Revolutionary Solution for Your Double Chin

beautiful young woman touching her face and chinIf you have a double chin, you would have to sign up for a face-lift, a neck lift, or a liposuction. There used to be no other option until two years ago when the FDA approved a less invasive procedure with a quick recovery. Many are now considering to know more about Kybella, which many top cosmetic surgeons in Beverly Hills offer their clients.

The Better Alternative

For many people who have to think about work and domestic responsibilities, a cosmetic procedure that does not require a long recovery time is ideal. Those who wish to have Kybella can now look forward to quick recovery and great results. These only require a few injections to achieve the desired effects.

Kybella is the only drug that promises to dissolve double chin fat. It is non-invasive and uses synthetic stomach acid to give you the face contour you’ve always wanted.

Any contraindications?

While minimally invasive and with overall good prognostication, Kybella is not suited to individuals who are taking blood-thinning prescription medications. If there is an infection in the proximity of the chin and jaw, the doctor will recommend doing the procedure another time.

Women who are pregnant are not eligible for the procedure as well. Certain health conditions, where complications may arise due to the injections may also cause for the doctor not to recommend the procedure.

>People who have trouble swallowing, or have recently undergone face or neck surgery will also be discouraged to undertake the procedure. During the interview, be open and comprehensive about your medical history to avoid complications and lessen medical risks.

You can expect positive outcomes with this revolutionary alternative to traditional double chin surgery. When injected, the prescription medicine works to change your profile, giving you a more contoured profile.