Looking Out for Signs of Roof Problems

Man repairing a roofThe roof of a building serves as its first line of defense against extreme heat, strong winds, heavy rainfall, hailstorm, and other natural phenomena. As such, the foremost concern of building administrators must be maintaining the integrity of the roof to prevent any damage and deterioration.

Thankfully, Houston is host to many certified commercial roofing companies, such as Jaco Roofing, that offer the best materials to repair damaged roofs or even replace its entirety. As building administrator, the only thing you need to worry now is to know when to decide it is time to replace your building’s old roofing system.

Signs of roof problems

Regular inspection and cleaning are just two ways to keep the integrity of a building’s roof. While the damage brought about by natural calamities are obviously visible, some symptoms of roof problems may not be immediately visible. But once you see these signs, it gives an automatic impression that there’s already a problem with the roof.

For instance, water stains on the ceiling are one of the first signs that there’s a problem that needs fixing. The sudden appearance of mold or unexplained odor is a sign of internal roof damage, which could have been overlooked since it is not immediately noticeable during the inspection.

Possible causes of damage

As the saying goes, prevention is always better than cure. The same is true when it comes to a building’s roof system. While symptoms of roof damage may not be visible, some clues would suggest that a problem could arise, and fixing it could eventually prolong the life of the roof.

Due to its composition, stagnant water could lead to slow deterioration and rust of roof. On the other hand, bubbles can be an indication of trapped moisture within or could be gas released from the insulation board.

While these are just indicators of a possible roof problem, it is better to have professional roofers to check and inspect these symptoms. It’s better to spend a couple of dollars for professional repair and maintenance rather than being sorry in the end.