Maintain Oral Health – Visit a Cosmetic Dentist

Cosmetic Dental Procedures in GlenviewDid you know that cosmetic dentistry is currently one of the most popular sectors in the field of medicine? Statistics show a 140% increase in the number of cosmetic dental procedures in the United States over the past decade.

Regular dental visits are important to preserve the aesthetic appearance of your teeth and gums. Nowadays, different in-office cosmetic procedures are available to maintain the health of the oral cavity.

Teeth Bleaching

Whitening is the most commonly performed dental cosmetic technique in the US. This method involves bleaching the enamel, which is the exposed region in your teeth. Gels are applied to the surface of your teeth to protect the teeth, gums and surrounding tissues from potent oxidative reactions. A strong base is applied superficially to get rid of discolorations that adhere to your teeth. Since bleaching erodes the stains, your teeth will gradually have a lighter shade that is close to your teeth’s natural color.

Laser Whitening

Most cosmetic dental clinics now offer laser whitening technique to hasten the process of bleaching. An argon laser emits beams that speed up the chemical reactions that occur upon stain removal. As a result, some patients experience substantial whitening after a single session.

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is a process that is characterized by the application of an artificial material to fix decayed, stained and chipped teeth. Customized resin is placed on the dental surface to match the appearance of surrounding teeth. Furthermore, bonds can be placed in between your teeth to provide an evenly shaped configuration.

Dental Implantation

Dental implants are artificial roots that function to stabilize the attachment of teeth. These prosthetic devices serve as replacement devices for individuals with missing teeth. Implants, which may be endosteal or periosteal, are modified to resemble the height, width, and color of surrounding teeth.

The Bottom Line

Having well-maintained teeth is crucial in the maintenance of long-term oral health. Thus, it is essential to find a cosmetic dentist in Glenview who has special training and facilities in performing various in-office procedures.