Make Beer Bellies Look Good with the Right Style

Beer BelliesIf you haven’t got six-pack abs or ripped biceps, don’t lose heart.  Your beer belly is actually one of the latest trends today.

Celebrities, such as Jason Segel, Chris Pratt, and Leonardo Di Caprio heralded the movement of a new male physique called the Dad Bod. Women no longer crave the six-pack abs and strong biceps. What they want is a cuddly torso and some gentle paunch.

Almost everyone can pull off the Dad Bod. The question is: Can you pull it off in style?

Rules for Jackets and Shirts

To pull off a rad Dad Bod in a positive light, use a jacket or a blazer. These clothes accentuate your shoulders better and also fall below your waist, which hides a large posterior. If you have good proportions but are sort of a softy, an Eisenhower cut (which ends at the waist) works best.

When it comes to shirts, vertical stripes are fine. While you are proud of your beer belly, wearing horizontal will only add to your visual weight. Remember, the scale of your print or stripe is important. For Dad Bods with a little paunch, always untuck your shirt.

The Perfect Pants: Your Best Investment

Members of the Dad Bod movement should always put their faith in a good pair of pants., provider of men’s fashion and accessories, recommends having your jeans tailored.

Tall men can cuff their jeans in the current style, but those with a rounder body shouldn’t. It’s like you’re giving yourself a more horizontal line. Also, say no to pleats to reduce the volume in your waist.

Grooming is Your Ace in the Hole

A “good” Dad Bod is not a good one unless you practice good grooming. Women like men who know how to keep themselves clean.

First, maintain a clean haircut and always keep your beard trimmed. Don’t forget the daily routine of brushing your teeth, applying deodorant, and keeping your nails neat and tidy.

Bear your beer belly with pride by complementing it with the right style. With the perfect combination of clothes and pants, your Dad Bod is ready to leave the couch and say hello to a night out.