Marketing Your Vet Clinic Can Be Done with Love

Two kitties and a vetYour job as a veterinarian does not end with making sure pets are healthy. You also want to keep the owner coming back with the pet regularly, to give them the best quality of life possible. You may think online marketing will not work successfully for you, but other options can help.

Here are some of the marketing strategies suited for your clinic:

Send Seasonal Messages

There’s nothing like holiday greeting cards to tell your clients that they were on your mind during the important occasion. Take advantage of cards to send a heartfelt message that also comes with mailing labels for veterinarians, so you’re advertising without making it seem obvious. Everything else you send in the mail, like fliers and grooming tips, should include the name and address of your clinic.

Give Freebies

You can give more than just tips to your clients. Their pets will also appreciate a treat or a toy from your clinic, and their owners will love the extra touch of love. You’re setting yourself up as a valuable member of the extended family, so they will want to come back regularly to keep their pets healthy. You can also give away freebies such as umbrellas and shirts with the details of your clinic to turn your clients into advertisers.

Be Friendly

Never underestimate the importance of customer service. If you show that you genuinely care for pets, their owners will be more at ease around you. Smiles come free, so go ahead and give them away to everyone–even owners who are inquiring about your services. Show them you’re not just in it for the money, as well. Offer home consultations if you can, and give them your business number so they can call anytime.

The primary purpose of a veterinary clinic is to care for pets. Nail that part of the job by showing you care even while marketing the clinic.