May-Thurner Syndrome: From Diagnosis to Management

A man experiencing heart painWhile May-Thurner Syndrome (MTS) may not yet be diagnosed easily, the symptoms of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) may be evident. If you have discoloration on the leg that comes with pain, increased warmth, and unexplained vein swelling, then you already have the symptoms of DVT. The first thing you must do is consult a venous disease specialist.

Problems associated with chronic venous insufficiency

Blood pooling due to mechanical problems in the veins of the legs leads to the bothersome symptoms of deep vein thrombosis. While the problem itself is not life threatening, the symptoms limit a person’s capability to perform daily tasks, including walking. When there is an insufficient function of the veins, which bring blood back to the heart, things can easily go from bad to worse. A clot may be present and can block the flow of fluids in the veins. This may end up causing a fatal stroke.

After diagnosis

When the left common iliac vein in the pelvic area is compressed against the vertebra by the right common iliac vein, the doctor gives a diagnosis of MTS. Some people have concomitant DVT, while others do not. If you came to consult for symptoms of venous insufficiency on one leg, the doctor will design a medical management program targeting the symptoms. The doctor will advise you to be mindful of the condition of the affected extremity at all times, especially if you already have leg wounds or venous ulcers.

Medical management of symptoms

The doctor will recommend first-line management, such as May-Thurner Syndrome stent placement, to remove the clot and relieve internal pressures that make the symptoms worse. Invasive procedures, such as bypass surgery and repositioning of the iliac artery to relieve pressure on the vein, are recommended if there are underlying conditions and other problems.

Find a reliable and experienced medical team for effective management of MTS symptoms. Don’t let it limit your daily activities and reduce your ability to live life to the fullest.