Modern Oriental Design: 3 Ideas to Decorate Your Home

Modern HomeModern oriental interiors automatically evoke that feeling of timeless elegance and mystery. With the majority of people living a fast-paced lifestyle, coming home to a peaceful and calm environment is crucial to rebalancing their mindset. Modern oriental design elements achieve this purpose by introducing balance and harmony. If you want to avoid going home to an abode that screams Chinese furniture showroom, here are some helpful design ideas.

Elements of Modern Oriental Design

  • Aim for a neutral backdrop. Instead of basic white, however, choose cream, subtle grey, or light blue. When you have the ideal backdrop, you can easily add some splashes of colour that will stand out better. Remember that traditional oriental design is more regal, lavish, and magnificent since it is directly inspired by grand Chinese temples. To modernise this design philosophy, add splashes of reds, jade, purple or gold through your furniture, carpets, window treatments, artwork, lighting fixtures and rugs.
  • Balance is the key to achieving a┬ámodern oriental design. This not only applies to colour, but to texture and visuals as well. If the design of your home is already modern or contemporary and devoid of oriental details, then you can easily showcase your oriental pieces all throughout your home. Think porcelain vases, a Chinese ceramic drum stool, and Chinese screens or room dividers among many others. Do not go overboard, though.
  • Pay attention to the smells and sounds in your home, as these are vital to relaxation. Consider adding wind chimes, scented candles, and your choice of incense around your home. You can likewise choose a small water feature and some low maintenance plants to incorporate nature into your home.

If you are looking for a classy and understated way to bring in more calm to your home and daily life, modern oriental is the way to go. Do not forget to keep a lookout for some authentic oriental pieces online or when you visit antique showrooms to lend a more authentic feel to your home.