New Gen Hen Parties for the Ladies’ Lunches

New Gen Hen PartiesFeeling the wedding jitters and excited to spend your last days as a single woman with your friends? Or maybe you just want to hang out with your "besties" and just chill. Invest in yourself and your girls by trying out these unique hen parties.

Makeup Sessions – There’s always something classy about learning how to put on your face. If you and your friends prefer to stay at home and out of the weather, a makeup night with the girls is a fantastic party. You don’t even need to hire a professional makeup artist, just follow a YouTube tutorial or ask advice from the more fashion savvy of your friends. If you want to try new products (especially for your upcoming wedding), order in bulk your colors and nail polish from Australian companies online.

Online Shopping Spree – Add a unique and amazing twist to your girl's night out by staying in and shopping online. Go through website shops to research fashion offers. Compare diamonds vs. Moissanite gems and see the more trendy jewelry pieces on the market today, without fear of being mugged. Check on shoes and see fashionable trends without walking miles for a day and with the same visuals too. All you need to do is set up snacks in your bedroom or lounge and turn up the Wi-Fi. Viola, instant online shoppers' paradise!

Host Club –A host club is a new business where women hire gentlemen escorts to pamper and care for them, ask them how their day was, and tell them they’re beautiful. While this seems rather simple and already offered by partners, it’s still gratifying to have a complete stranger give you some attention.  Just browse the net for reputable host clubs and do check their testimonials before finalizing anything.

Traditional parties are alright but you shouldn’t let that limit your sense of adventure and fun. Memories are still made of unique experiences, even if it does revolve around the net. After all, if you will consider it, the web has the most extended reach so far and has the most options to offer.