No Lies, Just the Truth About Toothpastes

Toothpaste Secrets in Mesa ArizonaToothpaste plays a big role in one’s oral hygiene, but not necessarily critical. While it feels incomplete to brush without toothpaste, you can still get rid of tartar by just your toothbrush and a glass of clean of water. Surprised?

Here are other truths about toothpaste that you should know.

1. It is not your toothpaste that cleans your mouth.

While it is true that you use toothpaste while brushing, it is not the main thing responsible for cleaning your teeth, tongue, and gums, but the toothbrush itself. According to dentists in Mesa AZ, the friction while brushing is what gets rid of tartar on the surface of the teeth, and flossing removes food stuck in between teeth.

2. Instead, you use toothpaste for flavor.

The peppermint or citrus flavor that comes with your brand gets rid of the unpleasant taste in the mouth, which is the result of the foods you eat or smoking. The flavor in toothpaste is what also gives you fresher breath.

3. Toothpaste with fluoride does more good than harm.

Some toothpaste brands do not contain fluoride to give others an option, specifically those who believe fluoride is bad for human health. Well, fluoride does have its risks, like over-exposure to it can cause a condition common among children called fluorosis. But when used in correct amounts, this can guarantee stronger teeth, by making the enamel stronger.

4. Triclosan in toothpaste do good, but its safety is still being questioned.

Triclosan is an antimicrobial ingredient common in toothpaste which prevents infections. However, its safety is still being questioned even after the FDA approved Colgate of its use on one of its toothpaste products in 1997. For one, triclosan puts hormone functioning at risk.

Moving on, if proper oral hygiene and regular dental checkups are there, then you can get clean teeth and healthy gums. Don’t you think this should be enough to avoid gingivitis and other dental infections from developing?

Toothpaste may be good enough in removing unpleasant smell and taste in the mouth. However, there are also other facts which you should know about toothpaste. After all, it is not always just about hygiene, but safety too.