On Babies and Reproduction: Oil and Vitamins for Fertility

vitamins for fertility in womenSome women are not so fortunate when it comes to conception. You’ll always hear stories about women who have been struggling for years to bear a child. Fads on increasing fertility have cropped up like mushrooms as a solution.

Infertility can have an effect on a person’s wellbeing, especially on the mental and emotional aspects. Fortunately, medical breakthroughs have provided solutions to those with fertility problems. While science has given a new perspective to conception, some still look for natural ways to conceive. Among these are the use of oil and vitamins for preconception and fertility in women.

The Use of Oils Goes Back to Old Times

The people of ancient civilizations have used essential oils to cure ailments and diseases. Some believe that using geranium oils help restore hormonal balance and regulate menstrual cycle. They use the oil to soothe the body and minimize stress levels, which they believe were a cause of infertility.

Some people also use essential oils to influence the estrogen levels in the body. There are even men who drink this to boost sperm count and sexual performance.

Vitamins Became Vital for Fertility

Some doctors claim that infertility may stem from the lack of nutrients necessary for supporting fetal growth. This is why some recommend vitamin intake as nutritional support for women during preconception.

Some of the vitamins that doctors may recommend are folic acid, iron, vitamin D, and anti-oxidants. Each nutrient plays a role in fetal development, while maintaining the general wellbeing of women. Vitamin intake may depend on the condition of the mother.

Hope is not lost for those who want to have their own children. Before taking any step forward, talk to your doctor and determine the right approach for a healthy conception.