Outside Looking In: What Triggers Substance Abuse?

Substance AbuseMany people have biased assumptions about drug addiction. Media portrayals are often inaccurate, as they tend to either glorify or demonize the condition in extremes. Stigma surrounds the subject so much that the victims are afraid to speak out or seek help.

Ibogaine Clinic says addiction to substances like opiates, methamphetamines, or alcohol has no universal cause. Many potential factors, such as mental illness, media influence, or misinformation can trigger drug addiction. What can help communities with a significant population suffering from substance abuse is more information on its causes and treatments.

What Causes Drug Addiction?

People suffering from substance abuse are often victims of circumstance. There are cases wherein children are born drug-dependent because their mothers used drugs while they were pregnant.

Some people use drugs as a method of recreational escapism or as a way to cope with mental anxieties, which alters the brain chemistry. Some people with depression, for example, take medication that can alter their moods and make them less susceptible to emotionally damaging thoughts. Overall, multiple external factors can trigger a person’s drug problem.

But, how does it happen?

How Substance Abuse Starts

Certain substances alter brain chemistry in extremes. Simply put, these drugs can either make people feel more or feel less. Some of these drugs can trigger heightened hormones such as serotonin and dopamine. Someone with elevated anxiety because of trauma or stress, for example, seeks out opiates to feel calm.

Enough ingestion of these drugs can force the brain to become dependent on this high and people seek out more of it just to continue the feeling it gives. The more drugs they take, the more their body tolerates it, and thus even more drugs are required to reach the same high as before.

Is Drug Addiction Treatable?

Substance abuse is difficult to quit alone. There are hotlines and rehab facilities dedicated to helping people quit. There are even natural remedies available in the market that can stabilize brain chemistry, reducing the chance of relapse.

Substance abuse is unfortunate to fall into but it doesn’t need to be an impossible situation. There is help out there for those who seek it.