Passion Project: Starting Your Own Restaurant

Starting Your Own RestaurantPerhaps you’ve always dreamed of cooking not only for yourself or your family and the occasional date. And you’ve received countless praises for the delicious food you prepare. This is a talent you can turn into a career and business opportunity. The best thing about it is you love it, you’re passionate about it and you know it will bring you fulfilment.

Starting Your Own Restaurant

It doesn’t even have to be grand; not at first — unless you’ve got the budget, that is. If you’ve been saving all your life for this, and you know your bank will approve your loan, then go for it. But whatever kind of budget you have, you’re still looking at a business that can easily cost a few millions.

The trick is to think about the ways you can save here and there. For example, if you can’t afford the new furniture yet, scour the flea markets for used ones. Just avoid the ones with cushions because you don’t know what bugs could be living in there. Avoid also those wood products that have lots of holes and grooves where bugs can hide.

What You Should Invest In

What you should really invest in is the equipment and the ingredients. Good equipment will cook your food right and last longer. Talk to a restaurant equipment supplier about payment terms.

As for ingredients, recommends using local suppliers instead of buying from the supermarket. Fruit and veg suppliers, for example, will give you fresher produce and better prices. Strike up a good deal on the payment.

You may be your own boss when you set up your own restaurant, but remember that this kind of business demands time, effort and creativity. If this is truly your passion, however, there’s no reason not to go ahead and do it.