Patient Priorities: How Tech Adds a Personal Touch to Your Dental Practice

dental clinic with modern tools

Technology has been an indispensable tool in dentistry, with treatments getting better and better over the years. But beyond streamlining procedures, technology can also be used to add a personal touch to your practice. It may sound ironic since technology makes everything “robotic,” but the fact is, technology enables you to provide better service for each of your patient in these aspects:

1. Better control of information

Many clinics today use apps where patients can access their dental records, laboratory test results, and information about treatments the dentist recommended to them. In short, patients have better control of their health-related documents. This empowers them and helps them be proactive in taking charge of their health, engaging in better and more meaningful discussions with their dentist. Over time, it improves the patient-doctor relationship.

Consider creating an app for your practice. More than a platform of information, this will also make your brand more visible to patients.

2. More accurate treatments

Before, dentists would often retake patients’ impressions and cause major hassle for both parties. Now, experts use intraoral scanning and 3D printing in dentistry. These tools capture more accurate images of the teeth, producing a 3D design that can easily be printed. The accuracy of 3D models and oral appliances produced are suitably adapted to each of the patient’s treatment needs.

3D printing is a tool fast becoming a standard in clinics, as it improves patient comfort, reduces chair time, and makes for better treatment results. If you don’t have this revolutionary tool yet in your practice, you may be losing out to your competitors.

3. Real-time responses

Social media has given dental practices a platform to respond in real time to patients’ questions and concerns. At the same time, you get to provide content, which can better inform them about their health-related decisions. You’re then able to build rapport not just within the walls of your clinic, but in the virtual world as well. Make it a priority to strengthen your social media marketing efforts. Respond quickly as much as you can to queries and join in the trending conversations of your patients.

More than improving dental procedures, technology also enhances the personalization of services. Harness the power of technology to see the difference in your patient care.