Precision Straightening with Invisalign Itero in London

A woman wearing Invisalign bracesGetting the right measurements for mouths, and in particular for Invisalign clear aligners, has meant that patients need to sit very still through the mucky and sometimes uncomfortable process of making teeth impressions. The dentist had to press the impression paste into the arches and around the teeth, being careful not to block the airways, and leave the patient sitting still while the paste hardened enough to remove the impressions. If it didn’t work first time, the dentist would have to do it again. Thankfully, a digital scanner, the Invisalign Itero in London, has now replaced impressions.

Experienced Invisalign dentists, such as Dr Graham Tinkler now use Invisalign Itero in London to get the detailed measurements required of their patients’ arches, teeth and gums, to create the aligners that will correct their crooked teeth.

Align Technology, which makes Invisalign, developed the Itero scanner. This scanner consists of an optical scanning wand, which goes into the mouth to take the measurements that are used to create3D digital models of the teeth, jaws, and bite. These are then used to plan a precise and detailed treatment with Invisalign clear aligners.

Invisalign is an3D printed teeth-straightening treatment that uses a series of clear, customised, plastic aligners that gradually move the teeth into their correct position over a year, on average. Patients wear each set of aligners for 1-2 weeks before moving to the next ones.

The Itero technology

The Itero scanner is a compact, hand-held wand that digitally captures the structure of the teeth and gums using a radiation-free laser. It is completely safe to use. Unlike taking impressions, the scanning process can be stopped and started as many times as necessary.

It takes only two or three minutes for the laser to create a digitally perfect, 3D impression of the teeth and soft tissue structures. Digital software allows the dentist and patient to follow the progress of the scans, including a 3D model of the teeth on the computer screen.

The digital impressions created by Invisalign Itero in London are much more accurate than traditional dental impressions, leading to a more precise and fitted treatment, designed to fit the unique shape of the patient’s teeth and gums.