Preparing for Your Very First Ski Trip: Know What to Expect and How to Act

ski tripYour first ski trip may lead to finally overcoming that fear of heights. Hitting the slope for the first time is not as difficult as it seems. You’re not going to try a deadly slope on your first trip, are you?

While the best way to learn is through a certified instructor, you will also do well with help from experienced friends or family. And when you consider these tips, you’ll be good on your own in no time.

What to Expect

Your first ski trip will have lots of embarrassing moments – for sure. There will be a lot of falling down and, if worse comes to worst, getting up may be as bad. Expect to be moving either too fast or too slow on your first attempts. Your friends — and even some children around — may laugh at your errors.

Equipment and Clothing

Go dress as you please, but wear layers of clothing. One thing is for sure—it will be cold even if the sun is up and bright. Add or remove layers when you’re too cold or hot. Go for waterproof nylon pants or thick ski pants. Never wear jeans or you’ll end up soaking wet and cold, and ruin the day.

As much as possible, don’t invest on brand new equipment. Just rent, but getting ones for experts is a no-no. Stick to beginners’ equipment.

However, should you prefer using your own equipment, get the essentials such as goggles and gloves first. suggests getting the right ski gear, such as shatterproof goggles, to get the best value for your money.

When choosing a ski, make sure that it stands no higher than your chin. Your boots must fit firmly but allow extra space for flexing the ankle. Get clip-on spikes to give your boots extra grip when getting around icy spots.

Keeping Yourself Warm

It’s not difficult to keep yourself warm. You even need to apply sunscreen unless you want to end up with a sunburnt face. However, to stay warm, you need more than just proper clothing. You need to keep moving.

First Try

Practise on the nursery slopes on your first day until you become comfortable with the equipment. When things get easier, advance to a slightly inclined beginner’s run and try to do several short runs. In no time, you’ll find yourself ready to take the lift.

Getting an instructor is the best option for your first ski trip. However, it’s also possible to learn with your friends’ help, especially with proper clothing and equipment. Remember the do’s and don’ts and you’ll be hitting the expert slopes next time.