Ready for Some Window Shopping? Know Your Options

gliding windowAll windows generally serve the same function of allowing or obstructing light, air and sound. Some windows can regulate the passage of these elements by adjusting the cranks or latches.

Know the different window types to know which window to use for your home in Utah.

Casement and Awning

Casement windows provide excellent ventilation. You can open and close the casement window outward with a turn of a crank handle. By completely closing the panels, you can reduce noise.

The awning window is similar, except its hinges are at the top. The glass slopes downward when you open the panel so you can leave it open when it rains. Unlike casement, awning windows only offer partial ventilation and the opening is too small to use as a fire exit.


Vinyl windows are durable and energy efficient. The installation of this window type in Utah improves the house appeal while also saving money. You can also choose among different colors. Go with bold designs for a house that stands out, or choose neutral colors for windows that blend well with the rest of the property.

Double-Hung and Gliding

With double-hung windows, you can slide the top or bottom panels (or sashes) open and close. Cool air comes from the bottom where the sun’s rays are lowest. Conversely, warm air is blocked from the top where the sun’s rays are hotter.

Gliding windows work well next to walkways and patios because they slide from the left or right. It usually has an opening big enough for emergency evacuation. However, you can only open one side at a time.

Fixed (or Picture) and Skylight

A fixed window is just that – it has no panels or rails. It is simply a window that functions as a wall hanging. This means you won’t get any ventilation, but it works well against drafts.

Fixed windows come in many shapes. Brighten the stairwell with a small one, or showcase the vista with a larger one.

With sky light windows installed in the ceiling, there is no need to turn on the lights during daytime. That’s because light penetrates the transparent panel. You have the option between fixed skylights and those with openings.

You can also tint the panel to regulate light coming in.

The right window not only ventilates the house, but also improves its appeal. Choose windows suitable for the weather in your area.