Regular Health Check-ups: The Key to Improving Quality of Life

Woman on a physical examinationAre you suffering from on-and-off abdominal pain that impairs your productivity at work? Are you experiencing headache and dizziness that remain unresolved despite oral medications?

If significant pain and discomfort affect your daily activities, it is crucial to consult with a physician right away. Adult medicine specialists perform a thorough physical examination and diagnostic testing to determine the cause of your symptoms. Nowadays, several health centers like Family Health Services offer a holistic approach to disease management for complete symptomatic relief.

High blood pressure

Hypertension or elevated blood pressure is one of the most common reasons for outpatient physician consultation. This occurs when your blood vessels have high resistance to blood flow, which impairs oxygen distribution in the cells. Hypertension increases your risk of developing heart attack, stroke, abnormal heart rhythm, and renal failure. Since hypertension is easily reversed with compliance with medications, blood pressure monitoring is recommended for high-risk individuals.

Abdominal pain

Abdominal pain is one of the leading causes for missed days at school and work in the United States. Since several delicate organs comprise the abdomen, an immediate workup is crucial to determine the underlying pathology of the body. Appendicitis, which may present as vomiting and vague abdominal pain, may be confirmed through physical examination and imaging tests. Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and peptic ulcer disease are other diseases that may manifest with burning pain in the upper abdomen.


A headache occurs due to stimulation of pain-sensitive structures in the face and skull. Since the severity of a headache may range from mild discomfort to debilitating pain, the underlying cause must be identified to ensure proper management. Based on history and physical examination, your physician may provide analgesics and anti-inflammatory medications to alleviate pain.

Regular consultation with a physician plays a vital role in optimizing a person’s quality of life. Since some illnesses may present without signs and symptoms, it is crucial to undergo routine testing for early disease detection.