Resting Well: How Getting Enough Sleep Benefits These 5 Individuals

a man in blue pajamas having a hard time falling a sleepAccording to an article by Health, peopleĀ benefit from getting enough sleep because it helps them live longer. In the article, Dr Raymonde Jean mentions studies that link sleeping to an improved quality of life for individuals that do it.

New Zealand wellness company Comvita explains that this is just one of the many benefits a person gets once he or she rests through sleeping. Here’s a closer look at who exactly can benefit from sleeping more.


Studying late for final exams or staying up all night for specific projects are common reasons why students wake up fatigued. This habit is unhealthy and needs to stop before it could lead to complications as you grow older.


As for employees, reasons for staying up late would be office workload such as projects or reports that need to be presented or filed. They are in a similar situation as students, but employees are more at risk because they are older. They, therefore, have bodies more susceptible to illnesses caused by sleep deprivation.


Athletes need enough sleep because their bodies regularly undergo physical activity. Whether it’s swimming laps in pools, running in marathons, or playing basketball, members of athletic or sports teams shouldn’t deprive themselves of sleep so that it won’t affect their performance.

Pregnant Women

Women carrying babies also benefit from enough rest or sleep, because it allows their bodies to nurture the babies growing inside. Sleeping well would give pregnant women stamina to carry the baby, similar to how rest gives athletes stamina to do sports.


Lastly, children are told to sleep early by parents because they are still at a growth stage. Sleep is essential in strengthening bones and muscles, promoting height and a healthy weight.

Resting Well

Getting enough sleep or rest is recommended for several individuals, regardless of background. Whether you’re a kid, a child, a student, an employee, a pregnant woman, or an athlete, resting or sleeping well will replenish your stamina for the next day. This is why experts are encouraging curbing sleep deprivation habits so that you’ll improve your quality of life.