Seven Things About Laser Eye Surgery People Don’t Usually Tell You

Eye SurgeryLaser eye surgery has a high success rate of around 96 percent. It helps people with problems with their eyesight get better vision. Before you decide to schedule for a surgery, however, be informed of how the process works.

  1. Laser eye surgery is not for everyone.

A survey Ronald Binetter showed that over 20 million people have undergone laser eye surgery. That’s a lot, right? Dr. Binetter of has performed over 20,000 LASIK procedures. But don’t be misguided by the number.

Only people who had stable eyesight for over a year may get surgery. Those who are taking medications for underlying conditions are likely to be rejected. Only people over 20 years old can have the surgery.

  1. You’ll undergo a series of tests.

Before you undergo laser surgery, you have to take a series of eye tests. This will determine the measurement for the adjustments and everything else related to the surgery. An eye technician will accompany you with the tests and during prep.

  1. The surgeon will use laser on your cornea.

After you’re prepped for the operation, the doctor will use a laser to cut open your cornea. You’ll be awake throughout this surgery.

  1. But it won’t hurt!

You are given anaesthesia so that you won’t feel anything during the whole procedure. Expect a slight pressure in the eye area when the surgeon works on the tissues under your cornea.

  1. You won’t need sutures.

After the adjustments, the surgeon will put back the front of the cornea into place. There won’t be any need for stitching. Your cornea will heal by itself and adhere to its original place.

  1. You’ll have to wear an eye shield.

To avoid any kind of contact, the surgeon will ask you to wear protective gears such as googles. It will prevent you from scratching or touching your eyes.

  1. The rest is history!

After a successful surgery, you will only have to follow up for checkups once or twice. However, if you feel any kind of severe irritation in your eyes following the laser surgery, you must immediately call your doctor.

Your eyes are important organs. It’s your responsibility to take care of them. Laser eye surgery may be the best option for some people, but consult your doctor before choosing this.