Significance of Cheiloplasty or Lip Revision

Cleft PalateCheiloplasty or lip revision is the surgical reconstruction of a lip defect. It may be a cleft palate, cleft lip revision, or other craniofacial revisions. It is done to enhance the appearance of the lip and make it perform its function well after some distortions with its growth. A plastic surgeon performs this kind of surgery in a patient in their recommended years of age, usually between 5 and 8 years of age or later. He or she decides if a patient requires lip revision surgery, depending on the evaluation of the lip defect of a patient.

Lip Surgery: Trauma, Congenital and Cosmetic

Lip revision can be done to a patient who has lip distortions due to a traumatic experience, an inborn developmental defect, or for cosmetic purposes. Lip lacerations or oral-facial injuries can be simple or complex and are among the common types of emergencies in a hospital. The type of revision in this kind of injury is based on its kind and location. To perform the surgery, proper knowledge of lip anatomy is important to reconstruct the lip in a satisfying result.

A congenital defect called a cleft lift is corrected through a lip surgery. Many surgeries may be a requirement to completely achieve a satisfying result. The aim of a cleft lip revision is to fuse together the separation, make the muscles functional and give the mouth its rightful shape.

Lip augmentation is a type of cosmetic surgery that gives patients a well- and full- rounded shape of the lips. Temporary procedures like injection using dermal fillers which consist of substances that help increase the volume of the lips are used in this type of lip revision.

After the Surgery

What would you expect after the procedure? Changes in the appearance of a patient are expected after the surgery. Stitches on the lips would be visible and the area surrounding them would be slightly red in color and swollen. The amounts of stitches would be based on the distortion before the surgery and the kind of stitch a surgeon used.