Ski Safety: Don’t Skip Out on Gear!

SkiSkiing is an extremely dangerous sport, and it’s easy to suffer an injury if you’re careless or not wearing the right gear. The adrenaline-pumping experience can get the best of us, and it’s easy to get a little carried away and not wear the essentials in an attempt to show off.

The ski poles aren’t actually the most important pieces of gear when it comes to skiing, although they are without a doubt a necessity to ensure balance when turning and going down the slope. What you wear is also crucial, and it can mean the difference between an enjoyable ride and an accident.

Ski Boots

Pedigree Ski Shop explains that ski boots deliver ‘comfort, warmth, and control’, and ensure a safe and easy ride down the slopes. They are among the most important pieces of equipment, which serve as the link between your foot, your skis and the snow.

The ideal ski boots should be comfortable and easy to wear; it should also fit snugly into your feet. Most skiers tend to get loose boots, but this is actually counterproductive. Too much space reduces the response time of your skis since your foot still has a few inches to travel within your boots.

This means that when you turn, it’ll take a few seconds before your ski responds and actually makes the turn. You are more likely to crash when you have ill-fitted boots, and being injured might not be the worst that can happen to you.

Protect Your Head

It’s easy to forget about protecting your head when you’re out skiing, as most expert skiers usually just wear a beanie to protect themselves from the cold. Beginners and intermediate skiers should always wear the appropriate headgear, especially when practicing or trying out a new slope for the first time.

Ski goggles are another underrated piece of equipment that you must always wear. UV light is stronger and more damaging when snow reflects it, and these googles are specifically designed to offer more protection than regular sunglasses. It also shields your eyes from snow and debris, which are surprisingly ‘sharp’ when you’re going at high speeds.

Falling down and crashing are part of the skiing experience, but this doesn’t mean you should be reckless. If it’s your first time to go skiing, never skip out on these essentials to ensure a safe ride down the slopes.