Smile Science: Achieving the Perfect Smile through Cosmetic Dentistry

Smile Makeover The aesthetic and restorative aspect of dentistry are one that is fascinating. Current techniques and technologies enable specialists to plan and execute a smile makeover that would meet the patient’s expectations.

From restoring or changing the length, shape, colour and position of teeth, a smile makeover can transform even the most unsightly detail. Let’s take a quick tour through the components of a smile makeover.

Diagnosis and Planning

The first phase of a smile makeover is the diagnosis and consultation phase. This is where the patient discusses his or her needs and expectations. The cosmetic dentist will then assess if the patient is a suitable candidate for the procedure, as well as identify the measurable factors that will guide the dentist in creating the ideal smile. Using advanced diagnostic tools and cosmetic imaging, the dentist can easily propose a smile makeover plan that the patient should approve before the procedure.

Pre-makeover Preparation

Once the patient knows how the outcome will be like, the cosmetic dentist will move on to the necessary pre-operation preparation. This phase usually involves a series of lab work, shade selection, gum re-contouring and preparation of the patient’s teeth for the restorative treatment.

In some cases, teeth whitening may be necessary to achieve optimal results. At this point, the dentist should be close to achieving the four main components of an ideal smile, which are facial or gum aesthetics, micro-aesthetics and macro-aesthetics.

Laboratory and Delivery Phase

Once the necessary preparations are done, the dentist may proceed to the main restoration phase. The amount of work will depend on the treatment option that the patient has selected. This phase includes the mounting of the cosmetic dental treatment or appliance such as porcelain veneers, clear aligners or braces. With the cosmetic dentist or orthodontist’s critical eye, keenness for details and expertise combined with advanced restorative materials, anyone can gain a spectacular smile.

Maintaining the Perfect Smile

Maintaining perfect smile and excellent oral health is now left to the hands of the patient. The patient should strictly follow anything that the dentist prescribes and never miss a follow-up visit. A patient’s options and actions following the cosmetic dental work will greatly influence the outcome of the treatment.

Thanks to many advances in restorative dentistry, anyone can achieve the smile that they want. Cosmetic dentistry highlights the importance of oral health as a foundation for creating the ideal smile, which makes it a safe and promising aspect of dentistry.