Special Occasions That Call for Special Celebrations

BirthdayLife has several occasions or milestones that mark an end and a new beginning.

It is within our culture to celebrate these milestones and turn it into an event we will never forget. In Brisbane, home to many nightlife venues, Laruche.com.au says booking cocktail bars are some of the best ways to celebrate these moments.

Here are some special occasions that deserve a special venue, where guests get to have a good time, savour the most sumptuous dishes and enjoy the best cocktails.


Your birthday only happens once a year. By all means, enjoy it! You can only turn 20, 30, 40 or 50 once. They are considered landmarks for a reason, and should be celebrated the right way.

Wedding Anniversaries

You do not have to wait for your 25th wedding anniversary before throwing a grand celebration. Every year of togetherness is a testament to your strong union and deserves to be celebrated nonetheless. You will surely recall these moments with fondness when you look back on them years from now.


After years of pouring over books and staying up late to study, you finally received your diploma. It marks the first of the many successes you will have in the future. It is the best time to gather your classmates, since you will all be going your separate ways to face other challenges.

Career Milestones

Getting a job that you were so excited about is another cause for celebration. You are entering a new phase in your life full of different challenges. With hard work and patience, you will get that promotion in due time. This great achievement surely calls for a celebration.


Years into the future, you will eventually retire. You can mark this day by celebrating with friends, associates, and of course your loved ones.

Corporate Events

Every company has their own milestones to celebrate. Christmas, company anniversaries, exceptional achievements and other occasions all deserve to be remembered. This is the time for fun and enjoyment, and a day to forget about quotas and deadlines.

Life offers so many great occasions. The reason behind these moments is not the only thing that makes them special, but also how you celebrate them.