Stop the Puff: Different Methods to Break Your Smoking Habit

smokingSmoking imposes a dangerous threat to your health. It is not that easy to quit, though. Teenagers and adults alike can experiences difficulties when they try to stop smoking. Sometimes, it takes plenty of tries and different methods before they can successfully do it.

You need determination and persistence to break the habit. Here are some ways to live a cigarette-free life:

Cold Turkey

Going cold turkey is trying to quit smoking without any outside help or medication. This is the least successful method — it only has about 4 to 7% success rate. Quitting is difficult, and you may need an outside force to do it successfully.

Behavioural Therapy

Some people undergo behavioural therapy to quit smoking. This involves a counsellor trying to help you find reasons and ways to stop your habit. The counsellor will find the triggers that make you want to smoke, and determine solutions to stop you from craving it. This is one of the easy ways to quit smoking, as Quit Stop Now reports.

Nicotine Replacement Therapy

Nicotine replacement therapy is the act of providing you nicotine without the use of tobacco. Instead, you use nicotine replacements, such as inhalers, lozenges, sprays, patches and gums. The dose will gradually lessen until you can totally quit it.


Medicines like Chantix and Zyban may help those who want to stop smoking. You need a doctor’s prescription to get these medicines.

Treatment Combinations

Using two or more of these methods may improve your chances of smoke cessation. Some proven combinations include behavioural and nicotine replacement therapies; nicotine patch and prescription medicines; nicotine patch and sprays.

The support of your friends and loved ones can help increase your chances of successfully quitting smoking. Be a healthier you by taking this road to recovery slowly but surely.