Substance Abuse in Women: Why the Special Treatment?

Substance Abuse Substance and alcohol addiction is rampant in the United States. Though more men deal with substance abuse, millions of women in the country are addicted to either drugs or alcohol.

No Men Allowed

You, or a person you know and love, may have an addiction. The best way to recover from addictions is through rehab. There are programs focused on addiction recovery for women.

You may wonder why women have special treatment. Compared to men, women tend to become addicted faster. This has something to do with how women’s bodies and brains work. Women also have unique needs that rehab treatments for men don’t necessarily deal with.

Lots of Choices

There are women-only addiction recovery programs all over the country. You have a range of options to choose from. Basically, however, you choose between inpatient facilities and outpatient clinics.

Away from Temptation

In inpatient treatment, you live in a rehab center for as long as your program demands. Here, you will live together with other women who are going through the same problems. The advantage of such facilities is you’re completely protected from temptation. You are far from any location where you can buy drugs or alcohol. This helps prevent relapses.

Maintain the Schedule

On the other hand, outpatient clinics allow you to go home after your sessions. You only need to drop in regularly for your treatment. This type of treatment is best if you want to keep your daily schedule. You can still work, go to school, or take care of the family as you take your treatment.

Women may find it harder to overcome their addictions. Despite that, if you really want to live an addiction-free life, give rehab your best.