Teeth Cleaning: The Path to a Brighter, Healthy Smile

Oral Health in USIn-office teeth cleaning helps remove plaque and tartar deposits that build up over time. The saliva contains calcium and other substances that help in strengthening and protecting teeth. Nonetheless, you need regular teeth cleaning to prevent the onset of cavities.

As Mahoney Family Dentistry notes, bacteria from plaque may inflame the gums. This is a reason you need to get your teeth cleaned regularly.

Here are some of the tools that dentists use for in-office teeth cleaning:

Ultrasonic Instrument

This helps get rid of tartar by using tickling vibrations. It sprays a cooling mist of water on the teeth to wash away debris or plaque. This feature rounded and curved tips to dislodge the tartar deposits. Dentists may adjust the speed of the tips’ rotation for better cleaning.

Fine Hand Tools

These tools get rid of the small pieces of tartar that remain. The tips of this dental tool resemble the curves of the teeth. Using this tool requires a moderate amount of pressure to scrape off even the smallest particles of tartar.


Dentists use a soft hand piece tool that has a rotating soft rubber cup. During polishing, the dentist will apply prophylaxis paste using this tool to give your teeth a beautiful white appearance. It is wise to inquire about the type of polish that the dentist intends to use before undergoing the procedure.

Application of Fluoride

Dentists use a special tool to apply fluoride to strengthen the enamel. Some dentists may offer fluoride paste in different flavors. Fluoride application should only be done with the supervision of a dentist.

As they say, the first step to achieving that perfect smile is good oral habits. Regular teeth cleaning can do wonders to your oral health care. Always set an appointment with your dentist to keep your teeth clean and healthy.