Tests That Evaluate Limb and Spine Nerves and Muscles

Diagnostic Testing in BrooklynThe nerves and muscles are two of the most important parts of the body because they are responsible for your mobility. There are two types of tests to evaluate the function and health of these tissues in the spine and limbs: Electromyography (EMG) and Nerve Conduction Velocity (NCV).

Electromyography Testing

During an EMG, physicians perform the test by inserting sterile pins into a particular muscle of your limbs and back. These sterile pins have a microscopic electrode on the tip, which is useful in assessing the causes of certain muscle problems, including cramps, numbness, weakness, pain, and fatigue.

This test generally evaluates nerve and muscle function. Physicians review the waveforms that your nerves generated when they infused into the muscles. You will feel a tolerable pinching sensation and the sterile pins stays in for about 30 seconds on each site.

Nerve Conduction Velocity Testing

In the NCV, meanwhile, technologists place several electrodes on the limbs, applying a mild electric spur on the area. Practitioners often carry out this procedure simultaneously as an EMG to rule out or detect muscle disorders. Diagnostic testing in Brooklyn hospitals comprises the tests.

While the EMG evaluates nerve and muscle function, the NCV assesses the speed of the nerve function through the application of a small electric stimulus to the limbs. This test measures how fast the electric stimulus travels the nerves and creates certain waveforms.

Pre and Post-Diagnostic Testing

Before scheduling for an EMG/NCV test, you need to secure a prescription from a physician. The length of the diagnostic testing depends on the number of limbs they will evaluate. After the test, you may feel minimal discomfort on the operating sites, but it usually lasts just 30 minutes after the procedure.

The results of these tests alone cannot determine the causes of damages in the nerves and muscles. But, the data that physicians will get is a key factor in the overall treatment of your limbs and spine.