The beauty of facial aesthetics treatments

Facial CosmeticsThere are plenty of great options out there for improving your look. If you are searching for something that is long lasting, but temporary and non-surgical, then a facial aesthetics treatment might be for you.

The good news is that you can get treatments like Botox and dermal fillers at a local dental clinic like Ace Dental, Camden.

Dentists are naturally beginning to offer this service in addition to their cosmetic dental treatments for several reasons. They are medical professionals who are already trained in administering injections, which is the common method of applying treatment. They also have skills in the area of matching the effect of cosmetic treatments to the whole look of a patient, so that the results are flattering and well integrated. Working with a skilled professional can make a lot of difference to the results of your procedure.

What can you achieve

Most facial aesthetic treatments aim to reduce the appearance of wrinkles but how they work differs depending on what you choose to have.

Botox, for example, works on areas where lines appear because of the action of your facial muscles. This includes the forehead, frown lines between the eyes and some areas around the mouth.

Dermal fillers, on the other hand, smooth out the appearance of wrinkles that already exist and which are not re-formed every time you make a facial expression. A good example is the nasolabial fold which is the line running from your nose to your mouth. While this is always there, it can deepen as you get older and the quality of your skin changes.

Is there anyone who cannot have Botox or dermal fillers

Neither Botox nor dermal fillers are recommended for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. While they are safe treatments, this is advised as a precaution.

When you visit your practitioner, they will give you advice on the aesthetics of your treatment, so you can make choices about what you want. They will also take a history from you and ask about any medical conditions. It is important that you fully disclose any conditions, particularly if they are related to the skin or if you have nerve or muscle complaints. Your condition may not be prohibitive to treatment, but it means your practitioner can take your circumstances into account and advise you accordingly.