The benefits of orthodontics as an adult

Orthodontic TreatmentOrthodontic treatment can benefit people of all ages. Whilst it is now generally seen as a standard part of growing up for children or teenagers, an increasing number of adults are also turning to orthodontics later in life.

There are many benefits to be gained from straightening your teeth as an adult. Cosmetic concerns about the way your smile looks may be the initial driving factor that takes you to visit an orthodontist, but there are many plus points for oral and general health, too, as tooth straightening makes it easier to maintain good dental hygiene.

Harley Street Dental Clinic offers a number of orthodontic options, both for adults and for children and teenagers who either don’t meet the NHS’s strict clinical criteria for orthodontics, or who would benefit from skipping long waiting lists.

Perhaps the best news for adults looking for orthodontic treatment is that it doesn’t have to involve metal braces. In fact, it might not even mean wearing a fixed brace at all, as there are an increasing number of removable systems that produce excellent results.

Even if your orthodontist decides a fixed brace is the best option for your needs, there is still no need to fear enduring a mouth full of metal for months or years. Discreet orthodontics may involve the use of a ceramic or porcelain brace, which comprises clear and tooth-coloured parts so that it blends in with the natural colour of your teeth. Such braces can be for rapid cosmetic correction as well as more extensive treatment.

Another option is to have a lingual brace, which can be used for an extensive range of orthodontic issues, and is attached to the rear surfaces of the teeth, meaning it won’t be seen in everyday life.

Removable aligners are one of the most convenient ways to straighten your teeth. They are made from clear plastic and are custom-made to fit your mouth and your orthodontic condition. A series of aligners that progressively move the teeth or a standalone appliance may be prescribed.

A huge benefit of an aligner-based system is that you won’t have to alter your dental hygiene routine during treatment.