The Best Time to Go to Bath

Hotel in Bath CityBath is a favourite destination among Britons that just want to get away from it all. Most go on a day trip, just to soak in the actual baths, while others prefer to stay the night in a hotel at the Bath City Centre to do the rounds of museums, restaurants, and anything else it has to offer. The best time to go to Bath depends on what you want to do.

Spring Break

Spring is when the flowers are in bloom and April showers come. It is also the start of the tourist season in Bath as it is when most of the festivals begin. You can take in the Literature Festival, the Comedy Festival, or the annual flower show. You might also want to take advantage of the sales. Try to go on weekdays to miss the worst of the crowds.

Busy Summer

The height of the tourist season in Bath begins in summer. You can expect to see crowds of foreign and local tourists of all ages eager to witness the Bath International Music Festival and the Fringe. Despite the melee, summer is still a good time to go to Bath because the warm weather means people that are more cheerful. Enjoy the day basking in the warmth of a street café, and do some heavy people watching. If you plan to visit Bath in summer, make sure you book your accommodations early.

Affordable Autumn

Bath is budget friendly in the autumn as the tourist season winds down. Expect hotel prices and the crowds to go down. Prepare to enjoy a quiet time where visits to the surrounding countryside can bring about a sense of peace. You can time your visit on the last week of September to participate in the Jane Austen festival.

Wonderful Winter

Bath is quite beautiful in winter, and you can always stave off the cold with mulled wine offered ate the Christmas Market by the Abbey if you go in November. Go for some late-night shopping, enjoy a movie at the Bath Film Festival, or take in a bit of classical music at Mozartfest.

Any time is a good time to go to Bath. The best time depends on what you want to do. It is best, however, to go on weekdays, and to get a hotel in Bath city centre for convenience.