The Causes of Lower Back Pain Worth Knowing

Man from Burnsville Suffering from Lower Back PainLower back pain is one of the debilitating and painful conditions one can experience. Unfortunately, more than 70 percent of adults across the globe experience it. Although back pain may resolve without specific treatment and is self-limited, it could indicate a serious problem that requires immediate medical attention. Fortunately, chiropractic services have become popular in preventing chronic lower back problems that occur due to different causes.

Strains and sprains

These are musculoskeletal back injuries wherein the cause could be the routine activities one easily dismisses. According to, lifting incorrectly formed weights, picking heavy boxes from the floor and even sneezing could cause sprains and strains. Injured back ligaments and muscles with severe spasms cause aggravated pain. With chiropractic treatment, the period within which the pain elapses can reduce from months to weeks.

Poor posture and muscle imbalances

Sitting with the shoulders rolled forward and head hunched for a long time is a common cause of low back pain. Such a sitting position tightens the muscles around the hips causing much pain. When you are improperly seated, the spine muscles strain to support the spine and this weakens them and worsens the back pain condition. Keeping your body flexible, core muscles strong and spine in a neutral position reduces back pain risks.

Disc degeneration

Disks play crucial role in cushioning the vertebrae and separating spine bones. If disks undergo degeneration, chances of developing back pain increases and the pain sharpens. The insides of the disks with damaged outer rings slip out often and press the nerves when exiting the spine. This causes severe pain that runs down the legs. Although smoking increase chances of having injured disks, aging is the major cause of disk degeneration. Quitting smoking, maintaining a healthy bodyweight and exercising regularly can prevent low back pain. However, none can be more effective than the chiropractic treatment.

Though most health professionals recommend chiropractic treatments to prevent chronic back pain problems, they also insist that people should avoid the causes. Back or spine problems trigger different health problems in various body systems.