The Finer Points of Dining

Fine DiningWith the fast-paced lifestyle of Brisbane, you may find yourself in a popular restaurant one of these days. Many of them are fine dining ones and you might have to familiarise yourself with a few rules of etiquette before enjoying the food.

Of course, the general rule of thumb is to be respectful, Gerard’s Bistro says, but here are a few more reminders to impress everyone on the table and avoid any unwanted embarrassment.

Using the Cutlery

The amount of silverware on the table could be intimidating if you look at it, but don’t fret, this is quite easy. You would notice that the forks are on the right while the knives and spoons are on the left.

Remember that the utensils on the outermost area are the first to go. These are usually ordered according to the meal courses so it’s pretty easy enough to keep track of this. If you are feeling hesitant, then just follow the people around you and you will be fine.

Mind your Napkin

Do not tuck your napkin in front of your shirt. Always place it on your lap. You could use this to dab your mouth but never place anything in it. If you must leave the table – and you generally shouldn’t – place your napkin on your seat and not on the table.

Holding your Conversation

This is a general rule for all dining, and it’s also applicable to not just dining, but everything. Respect others. Don’t answer or make calls on your phone. Don’t be a snob. Hold some conversation. Talk to people. After all, dining is not only about the food; it’s also an opportunity for you to talk to people and strengthen relationships.

Be Discreet

Now, if you are a bit on the chatty side, don’t overdo it. Good conversation will always be great but don’t be rowdy. Don’t raise your voice or laugh boisterously.

This is something that should also apply to other restaurants and not just fine dining. There are other people around you, respect their space and also their silence.