The Frugal Way: Touring Singapore on a Budget

Traveling in SingaporeSingapore is Asia’s city of lights – arguably one of the top destinations for travellers looking for a modern experience in a bustling metropolis. Despite the rather small size of the country, it’s filled with tourist destinations, theme parks, and a range of shopping hubs. It’s a place for just about every kind of traveller.

As a modern metropolitan hub, you can expect that you’ll probably look at spending a lot of money seeing all the sights of the country. But what if you’re on a budget? Can you still make the most out of your Singaporean trip?

Online Deals and Packages

Before you head off to the country, you might want to check out what online deals and packages are available for your potential destinations. Sentosa, for example, is arguably one of your top destinations – it’s got Universal Studios, beaches, and plenty of nightlife venues after all.

As a popular destination, you’re expecting to spend quite a bit on the island so be on a look out for online deals. It’s best that you look before the holiday season begins so you avoid competing for other travellers. Do this right and you might just get a nice online deal or package for Sentosa Singapore’s entrance fee at Sentosa Online Store.

Finally, and this might be common knowledge, make sure you have a plan where you’re actually going to head off into the country – especially if you’re a first timer in Singapore. While getting lost in a country is an unforgettable experience, it’s still best to plan ahead so that you don’t spend too much.

Budget Travelling in Singapore

Seasoned travellers to the country will tell you that it’s easy to spend a lot of money on food, particularly if you’re always looking at fast food chains and restaurants. Ditch these venues and look out for hawker centres. Singapore’s street food is much celebrated for both its incredible taste and reasonable prices. You’ll save a lot of money and get filled up with good food if you dine where the locals dine.

As for accommodations, you can easily find inexpensive lodgings in the country. If you’re spending a lot of time moving around Singapore, it’s not necessary for you to book your stay at an expensive hotel. Look at hostels and motels instead for more reasonable prices. You might also want to book your stay near the MRTs – you won’t just be saving on accommodations, but travel time and fare as well.

Don’t let Singapore’s flashy lights and expensive venues fool you – you can still enjoy your visit to Asia’s city of lights on a budget. The secret is to think not like a tourist, but like a local. It also doesn’t hurt to look out for online deals before you head off for your trip.