The Importance of a Boom Lift Operator Course

Boom LiftYou probably see boom lifts all the time. Workers use these types of machines to install and repair electric cables and lights. They are also useful for trimming trees and picking fruits such as cherries. In fact, a common name for a boom lift is a cherry picker. The main purpose of a boom lift is to give temporary access to high places where a scaffold may not work so well.

However, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) requires workers to have the proper training to operate any type of mobile elevating work platform (MEWP). A boom life operator course, for example, is required to operate a boom lift in Singapore, Galmon notes.

Proper Use

Operating a boom lift is relatively simple. Anyone can figure out how to use the joystick or what button to press to make platform move in the desired way. Using it and using it properly are two different things, though. You may be able to get the thing going but you may not know the safety protocols to use it without risking your life or others around you, as well as damage to property.

Efficient Use

Proper training gives you an insight on how to use a boom lift to the best advantage. MOM requires a worker to be thoroughly familiar with the all types and models of MEWP for use. A trained worker will know what kind of MEWP is more appropriate for a particular task, and will not waste time switching from one machine to another. More importantly, the worker will know what kind of MEWP to rent for a particular project.

Cost-Effective Use

A trained worker saves the project owner not only time, but also money. Avoiding personal injury and property damage to others reduces the liability of the owner. If the worker knows how to use the machine, there is little danger of damaging the machine itself.

The law requires the proper training course to use a boom lift in Singapore. However, even if it was not, it makes practical sense to get it all the same.