The Latest Trends in French Manicures

colorfully painted nails of hands on the sandYour fingernails are a vital part of your overall look. They are, after all, a very exposed part of your body. A manicure is the best treatment to enhance their look. It is also relaxing and helps you maintain healthy fingernails.

Among the most popular manicure types in nail salons like the Marilyn Monroe Spas in Orlando is the French. Though French manicures mostly have a similar design, there are small alterations that can make yours stand out. Here are some of the latest French manicure trends you can select.

Glimmering manicure

Use of glitter and sequins is the latest trend to add flair to your French manicure. The glitter can be placed under your manicure’s topcoat or painted in horizontal lines on your cuticles or over the nail polish. Sequins will make your manicure glimmer under sunrays. The sequins can replace the traditional white tip.

Upside-down manicure

Rather than the classic French manicure with the white tips at the top, more and more people are opting for the white tips at the bottom. This results in an upside-down French manicure look with the pink covering your nails’ tips. You can combine this look with your favorite nail polish color for a fun and personal twist.

Stamped designs

These not only add a twist to your manicure but also prolong its life since they keep it from chipping.  There are various designs you can stamp on your traditional French manicure. Most people have the design stamped on one finger, in most cases the ring finger, but you can go all out and have the designs on all your fingernails.

The French manicure has been around since the 1920s, and it shows no signs of going out of style. It’s clean, simple and can be combined with various finishes including matte and gloss. A French manicure also complements a broad range of outfits and occasions.