The Most Conservative Ways to Treat Venous Diseases Today

Treat Venous DiseasesWhen the valves in the veins of your legs become incompetent, you will start experiencing all sorts of problems. Once you notice that your legs are swelling, and there are ulcerations on the skin, you have to be open to suggestions from a qualified physician, preferably an expert on venous disease. There are many different types of venous disease, and modern medicine offers different treatment methods as well.

You can read about the many studies conducted recently and in the past about which treatment is best. Nevertheless, we shall give you information you can use about conservative venous disease management. Then, you can decide how to go about treatment with your physician before you agree to a surgical solution.

Elevation of the leg

When you have venous disease, your circulation is already compromised. In the early stage of the disease, the simple act of elevating it after a long day of work will greatly improve blood circulation. The idea is to raise the leg above the heart and keep it there for a few minutes daily.

The right medication and food supplements

Doctors prescribe anti-inflammatory medication and recommend food supplements rich in bio-flavonoids to people diagnosed with venous insufficiency. The medications and supplements not only reduce pain and inflammation, but also promote healing of skin lesions, which characterize venous disease.

Compression treatment

With the use of medical compression socks, medical professionals are gaining headway in the progress of treatment without having to conduct invasive surgery. Graduated compression stockings have been shown to lower the risk for development of blood clots. Doctors prescribe them and you may avail of them as a long-term solution.

Lastly, certain lifestyle modifications are also imperative. If you have venous disorder, it follows that you should avoid standing still for long periods to minimize swelling. It also helps to keep your weight to within the recommended range because excess weight may inhibit blood circulation. Exercising is another important lifestyle change, which can improve symptoms and prevent a worsening of the condition.