The Parajumper Jacket’s History and Features

Parajumper Jacket When you are starting to get interested in winter sports such as skiing, snowboarding or extreme mountain climbing, then you are definitely going to need your own parajumper jacket. Do not make the mistake of thinking that all winter jackets are created equal – newbie enthusiasts would definitely make that error.

Just to prove it, here are important and useful information about the parajumper jacket:

What is A Parajumper Jacket – The Parajumper Jacket may seem like the typical heavy-duty hooded leather, polyester or fur jacket you can get off any department store shelf. However, these jackets, which are available at, are windproof and water-repellant with a great number of pockets, hardware and hooks inside and attached to it.

Its hood is even removable and so is it’s fur or down lining. The original version of the Parajumper jacket has rubber-lined buttons to complete its weather-proofing feature. It is a tough and practical jacket for heavy weather and high altitudes.

History of The Parajumper Jacket – The parajaumper jacket was created by Massimo Rossetti, an Italian-born designer. He met a serviceman from an elite US Military rescuer corps that was knew for extremely dangerous rescue. The 210th Rescue Squadron, also known as Parajumpers, became his inspiration when creating this jacket in 2005. The whole Parajumpers line was finally released under Ape&Partners.

The Parajumpers Today – The Parajumper jacket has spawned quite a number of styles, colors, models and uses from the first time it was introduced as military and sportswear. It still remains an authority and leader in outerwear and active gear today, so much so that many brands have created their own versions of it.

So if you are truly intent to be outfitted like a pro when you hit the slopes, do check out a parajumper jacket that will fit your needs. You don’t even have to be sliding down the snow to wear it. Just being in your fashionable best even when in a sporty outdoors jacket is a good enough reason.