The Power of Persuasion: Four Characteristics of an Effective Keynote Speaker

keynote speakerDo you have an upcoming talent and development week at the office? Are you looking for powerful keynote speakers who can motivate your employees?

If you’re trying to find a keynote speaker for your upcoming corporate event, here are the four most important characteristics you should consider for your candidates:


Hire an expert who has extensive background on the conference’s theme. It’s not smart to get a teacher to speak on a medical conference unless those doctors are part-time professors. More importantly, the audience will not listen to somebody without proper credentials. People will relate to a speaker more if they have the authority about a topic.


Unless the person is conceited, no one can talk continuously for an hour or two without pausing or asking an opinion from the audience. Two-way communication matters greatly during a conference. Imagine if your employees have to listen to somebody talk about the importance of communication (such is the irony). Even older employees will fall asleep or talk to one another during a boring conference.


As says, a good conference speaker backs their key points with personal stories. These anecdotes allow them to tell the story from their own perspective, providing a more authentic and realistic feel to what they’re trying to say. A listener can also better visualize a point through these anecdotes.

Entertainment Factor

Taking an hour or two of production work from your employees is serious business. Would you want to waste 100 full-time employee hours on a monotonous talk about personal effectiveness? You need a compelling motivational conference speaker who can entertain the audience and create a meaningful impact.

A relatable keynote speaker can talk about leadership, productivity, and innovation. They can capture the audience with their charm, wits, and communication skills. Perhaps you can tap in-house talents or reach out to experienced motivational speakers for your upcoming business conference — the choice is all up to you.