The Road Less Travelled: Hidden Destinations of Singapore

Sentosa IslandSingapore recently greeted 0.9% more international visitors. The country received an estimated 15.2 million arrivals last year and anticipates 15.7 million tourists in 2016. As Singapore is a top pick among vacation places in Southeast Asia, it gains 4% of its economic revenue from tourism, with large malls, casinos and Formula One races as major come-ons.

The country is well-known as one of the most advanced cities in the world. Though Singapore’s tourist destinations showcase state-of-the-art urban development, there is a softer side to the technologically driven nation. Its hidden sanctuaries acquaint visitors to its natural side.

Hot Spring

Singapore is known for its crowded manmade beaches. But deep within the city, between Woodlands Ave. and Sembawang Rd. to be exact, is a quiet spot where you can relax. The hot spring in the grounds of Sembawang Air Base is yet undiscovered by many. Locals claim that the spring has healing properties.

Unlike in previous years, when gamblers used to visit the place for good luck, the hot spring is quieter now, with only a few friendly regulars coming in. If you want to isolate yourself from the fast pace of the city, head to this only natural hot spring in the country. You can feel your stress melting in its warm waters.

Virgin Island

At Lazarus Island, people can find solitude in the undiscovered seaside beauty of Singapore. The pristine coastline perfectly connects the white sand to the cerulean sea. With its undeveloped features, the island creates the perfect location to separate you from the busy city. To get there, take a boat from the Marina South Pier to St. Johns Island, follow the tarmac path, cross the pavilion and be transported into the hidden beach.

Organic Farm

Trade the city life momentarily, and take a cab to Singapore’s Kranji district. This gives you a route out of the busy capital and into the ten-acre organic farm. The location has lush greenery and organically grown herbs and vegetables. The organic farm gives out cooking lessons and a history of food culture. It’s easy to forget you’re close to the urban zone with the fresh air, birds and acres of land greeting you.

Beneath the glitzy appearance of Singapore is its gritty and natural side. Filled with thriving foliage and offering a tranquil ambience, this "unpolished" places offer a refreshing view to the refined country.