The Three Cs in Orthodontic Care: Patient Responsibilities

Orthodontic Treatment Patients have a role to play to ensure the success of their orthodontic treatment. Unlike other dental treatments that can take one sitting, orthodontic treatments take months or even years, depending on your teeth’s condition. To achieve better results faster, you must be ready to exercise these three important requirements throughout your treatment.


Cooperation does not just mean that part where you receive oral sedation to relieve your anxiety so you can be more cooperative. Cooperation means openly discussing your concerns and preferences with your doctor, accomplishing pre-treatment assessments, providing necessary documents and following your orthodontist’s advice.

It’s also necessary to keep an open mind when your dentist discusses your treatment options. They usually know better and their only intention is to provide the most effective treatment that will fit your criteria.


Most orthodontic treatments take months up to a couple of years to finish. If you plan on getting clear invisible braces, make sure that you can commit to wearing them for the recommended hours. Meeting all your appointments and following your scheduled transition or adjustment are also good signs that prove your commitment. However, meeting your scheduled appointments is not enough to ascertain the success of your treatment. You must also be proactive and exercise restraint.


Control can be seen in your ability to break bad habits that may have a negative impact on your treatment, as well as your willingness to promote positive outcomes by strictly maintaining good habits. A classic example of restraint is resisting the urge to snack even when you’re not hungry, quitting smoking and religiously brushing your teeth and cleaning your appliance after every meal.

In the first few days of wearing braces or aligners and after every adjustment, you will undergo pain and discomfort. You should prepare your mind and body early on and make necessary adjustments to your lifestyle.

To most people, twelve months or two years pass by quickly. But for orthodontic patients, days can get slower, depending on how complicated the malocclusions are. The good news is that every inch of sacrifice will pay off once the treatment is over. If you’re seeking an ideal orthodontic treatment, explore our website or give us a call today.