The University Life: Surviving Large Lecture Classes

large lecture classThe university life is a great part of your life. This is where you will possibly meet some of your life-long friends. The school is also the place where you learn the value of independence.

Likewise, this phase also poses some challenges. Don’t worry, some of them can be overcome. One of those challenges is attending large lecture classes where you join 100 or more students in one classroom.

Things get more difficult when the professor does not make learning any easier. If you want to break down the barriers, here are some of the pointers that you can use to survive large lecture classes.

Have your “survival kit”

If you want to last at your large lecture class, you ought to keep yourself company with the right stuff. You should bring the essentials, such as snacks, recorder, and hearing amplifiers, especially if you are having problems hearing your professor.

Read your notes in advance

Large classes are conducted in large classrooms. If you are unfortunate enough, you will get a seat at the back of the classroom. This will make hearing your professor and seeing the notes on the board quite difficult. What you should do to compensate for this is read your notes in advance. You can extract the essentials from your professor’s discussion such as mathematical solutions.

Talk to your professor

Large lecture classes can be noisy at times that you don’t get to catch up with your professor’s discussion. What you can do to compensate for the situation is to talk to your professor at the end of the class and ask questions about the lesson.

These are some of the pointers to keep in mind if you want to make the most of your large lecture classes. You can share these tips with your friends so their lives will be easier during such classes.