Thin Hair can be Stylish — if You Know These Techniques

hairdresser in PerthWhether you naturally have thin hair or you are suffering from thinning hair, now is not the time to lock yourself up in the room and avoid a mirror. Managing thin hair is not a problem with these tips and tricks.

  1. Colour your hair

Set an appointment with your hairstylist for highlights that use multidimensional technique. To do this, ask your hairstylist to use three tones, with the first being your natural hair colour. The other two tones have to be a lighter shade and darker one. Using this trick will give the hair a fuller look.

However, do not use too many colour tones, as they will make thin hair more obvious at the roots. Circles of Subiaco says a good hairdresser in Perth can suggest the right colour tones for you.

  1. Wear bangs

Wear full bangs to make your hair appear thicker. Doing so will also draw attention away from thinning hair and divert focus on the bangs.

  1. Layer wisely

Layers add volume to hair. Layers also go well with full bangs or side bangs. If you have short hair, ask your stylist to layer your hair by cutting the under-layer at least 0.5 inches shorter than the outer layer. Make sure the stylist doesn’t use a razor, though.

  1. Use Velcro rollers

Set your hair in Velcro rollers while following a triangle formation at the crown. Blow dry for about 30 seconds and let the hair cool before removing the rollers. This technique will give body and volume to thin hair without much effort.

  1. Use hair texturising products

After drying hair, divide it into several sections. Then, spray your favourite texturising hair product at the roots of each section. Use a fine-tooth comb and slightly back-comb hair.

There’s no bad hair day, even if you have thin hair. Layer your hair, wear bangs or have highlights. No matter what technique you choose, there’s only one guaranteed result – hair that looks thicker.