Think before You Drink: What Does Your Water Supply Contain?

Think before You DrinkMost Australians do not give their tap water a second thought before gulping it down. You are most likely one of these people. But how sure are you that what you are supplying your body with is actually safe and does not have any long-term health effects?

Buying home water filters is the solution, although solving it without knowing why it happens does not necessarily address the problem.

The Problem

The National Health and Medical Research Council has developed the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines, to ensure that residents are supplied with clean and safe water, there are several factors that can contribute to the supply’s contamination.

Some instances wherein water contamination can still occur, as cited by, is if the treatment plant encounters facility problems and does not fix it right away. Damage in the distribution pipes, the plumbing system of your home, or your very own water tank can all contribute to contamination of your drinking water.

The Potential Health Risks

Despite the treatment procedures Australian water supplies undergo, tap water is still susceptible to naturally- and artificially-occurring impurities and contaminants. While not all these pose serious health risks, some can lead to gradual health problems or even immediate infections. There are also others that alter the water’s appearance, taste, or both.

The Pathogenic and Chemical Risks

Most pathogenic micro-organisms, including bacteria, protozoa, and viruses, are eradicated from the water supply through treatment procedures. However, these can still find themselves in the water after treatment. The same goes true for chemical compounds, such as pesticides, herbicides, nitrate/nitrite, chlorine, fluoride, and aluminium. In fact, chlorine and fluoride are widely used as water treatment, so your tap water is likely to contain these.

Since you need water to stay hydrated and healthy, it is a must that what you supply your body with is clean and safe. You do not want to put your well-being at risk of the above-mentioned contaminants, so investing in one of the high quality home water filters is a wise choice.